FAQS About Car Engine Flushes

Were you just offered a car engine flush at your recent oil change service? You may be wondering what an engine flush does and if you should get one for your car. Your confusion comes as no surprise, considering there are ongoing debates regarding the value of routine engine flushing.

Scroll down to review some frequently asked questions about car engine flushes and then determine if this controversial automotive service is right for your vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Engine Flushing

What is an Engine Flush?

An engine flush is exactly what it sounds like. It is an automotive service designed to flush all of the residual residues and gunk out of your internal engine compartments. To perform an engine flush, a licensed mechanic pours a specialized concoction of chemicals into the engine, lets the motor idle for a few minutes, then drains the chemicals from the engine. Engine flushes are commonly performed in between oil changes. After the old oil is removed, the mechanical flush the engine, then commence with the oil change process by pouring a new motor oil.

Does My Car Need an Engine Flush?

As just mentioned, engine flushes are commonly performed at oil change services, between taking out the old oil and putting in the new oil. Although it’s always good to keep our assets clean, most automotive manufacturers advise against engine flushing, especially among modern vehicles. It is important to check with your owner’s manual for recommendations on engine care and service. It will tell you in clear language if your vehicle is compatible with engine flushing or not. So long as you stay current with your oil change schedule, you should never have to flush her engine.

When is Engine Flushing Recommended?

Engine flushing should be reserved for vehicles that have been sitting for many years without being driven or started, or for junked cars that are being restored. Engine flushes might also help when restoring or refurbishing an old motor. Other than that, engine flushing services are not recommended for actively driven vehicles.

Will I Damage My Engine By Flushing It?

Yes, engine flushing can cause internal damages to your motor. It is important to refer to your owner’s manual for recommendations on engine care and maintenance before implementing any questionable auto services.

Do Engine Flushes Improve Fuel Economy?

No, engine flushes do not impact the quality of your fuel economy.

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