How to Fix an Engine Clicking Problem

Your car engine should sound strong and healthy. It should not sound like it is struggling to run. Clicking noises are a common inquiry among drivers who wonder whether their car engines are on their last lap. Continue reading to learn what might be causing the clicking sounds in your car engine, how it can be repaired, and most importantly, how to solve an engine replacement budget conundrum.

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Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-218-7133

The Problem With Engine Problems

Clicking and ticking noises are a common car engine issue, and one that requires immediate attention. The longer the noises continue, the more internal damage can be caused, which can ultimately total your motor. Additionally, car engine problems can have an impact on other automotive parts and systems, which can also impact fuel economy and cost savings. Overall, an engine problem is something that should be addressed right away, otherwise it will lead to further automotive damages and failures.

Diagnosing the Cause of Engine Clicking

Why is your car engine ticking away? Well, it could be for a number of reasons. From exhaust leaks and engine fan malfunctions to defective spark plugs, low oil pressure, ignition glitches, and even loose or sticky parts. It could just be from normal wear and tear from old age. It is important to have your vehicle inspected and diagnosed by a licensed mechanic to know for sure what’s behind your engine clicking problem.

Most Common Causes of Engine Ticking and Clicking:

Low Oil Pressure – Low oil pressure means that your vehicle does not have an adequate level of motor oil or has low quality pressure. With these two failures at play, certain internal parts are not properly lubricated, such as cam shafts, cam adjusters, rockers, and lifters. Topping of the oil usually helps, but you may need some minor parts replacements too.

Defective Spark Plugs – Faulty spark plugs could also cause a clicking or ticking noise if they are too old or improperly seated inside the engine. You can try to loosen and re-tighten your spark plugs to see if that stops the clicking. Otherwise, you will need professional spark plug replacement.

Loose Engine Fan – Loose parts within the engine fan, like blades, shroud, bolts, or clips, can cause ticking and clicking as the motor runs. To correct this problem, you will need to take your vehicle in to a mechanic for service.

Leaky Exhaust – Exhaust system leaks are common causes of engine noise, especially clicks. Leaks in the exhaust manifold are generally caused by a blown head gasket but can also arise from broken manifold studs and bolts.

Totaled Engine Could Mean a Totaled Car

If your car engine requires replacement, but the cost to purchase and install it exceeds the current market value of your vehicle, your car could be totaled. But not to worry. You can sell your totaled car to an Indianapolis junk car buyer and put that cash towards a new ride! You can also sell your broken car engine to a Cash for Cars Company in Indiana!

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