Should I Have My Wrecked Car Towed to My House or the Junkyard?

The fact that you need a tow is undeniable. Where you should tow your freshly totaled car is the real questions. And the answer depends on a few factors. Continue below to learn what these factors are and how to consider them when deciding on where to tow your wrecked vehicle after totaling it in Indianapolis.

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Indianapolis Auto Salvage Yard 317-218-7133

Insurance Coverage for Towing a Totaled Car

After you total your car, whether in the middle of the interstate or in a pond behind your place of work, the first question you should ask yourself is, “Does insurance cover this?” If you have a certain type of automotive insurance coverage that is more than the state minimum, you may be able to snag a reimbursement for any money paid out of pocket for having it towed from the scene of the accident.

However, unless your insurance coverage contains comprehensive roadside assistance plan, it is not likely that your insurance carrier will cover towing expenses. In this case, you will be required to pay for a tow truck all on your own. Then you will file a claim with your insurance carrier, and they will collect your totaled car and confirm it is a total loss. Afterwards, you will receive your insurance payout, minus your deductible. This process can vary from case to case.

No Insurance Coverage

When a car is totaled, it may seem like a huge waste to spend even more money having it transported anywhere, but it is a wise decision for many reasons. In the case that your deductible is higher than the current value of your totaled vehicle, it would not make sense to file a claim.

In this case, you could just sell your totaled car to an Indianapolis junk car buyer for cash on the spot! They will tow it away from the scene of the accident, or from your house, for free! If you do not have insurance coverage on your totaled car, you can also have it towed for free from a local auto salvage yard and make fast cash at the same time!

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