How to Tell if the Liquid Leaking From Your Car is Transmission Fluid

It doesn’t matter what it is, when something goes wrong with your car, it’s a frustrating experience. This is especially true due to the fact that all car breakdowns require some type of costly solution. When your car breaks down as a result of a major auto part failure like the transmission, you can certainly expect to pay a hefty bill for repair or replacement. It is important to keep a close eye on your vehicle’s transmission performance, namely due to its high cost to repair or replace. Transmission leaks are one of the most common types of transmission breakdowns, and often discovered much too late.

Continue below to learn the common signs that indicate you have a transmission leak in your car or truck, plus what your options are if you cannot afford to pay for repairs.

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Cash for Cars Indianapolis Indiana 317-218-7133

Top 4 Signs of a Transmission Fluid Leak

Your vehicle contains all sorts of automotive liquids, all designed with a specific function. As for your transmission fluid, its job is to keep the transmission, and ultimately, the engine, running smoothly. It assists the engine oil with lubricating all inner moving parts and regulating internal temperatures. Without a sufficient level of transmission fluid, your vehicle will suffer damage to engine parts and eventually experience total transmission failure.

The best way to identify a transmission fluid leak is to learn what transmission fluid looks like, smells like, and feels like, plus where it comes from. Here are the top four signs that your car or truck is experiencing a transmission fluid leak:

❶ The Fluid is Red or Brownish

Transmission fluid is red but turns brown as it gets older. Some car fluids are also red, such as coolant or windshield wiper cleaner, so be sure to look for other clues that confirm it is from the transmission.

❷ The Fluid Smells Like Petroleum

It is okay to give the mystery liquid a sniff. If it smells like petroleum, it is likely transmission fluid. If the color of the transmission fluid is on the brown side, it could smell burnt.

❸ The Fluid is Oily and Slick

Place your finger or a stick in the liquid to get a feel for its consistency. Transmission fluid is similar to motor oil or brake fluid since it is greasy, oily, and slick.

❹ The Puddle of Fluid is Near the Front

If the puddle of liquid dripping from your car is landing near the front or middle section, it is likely transmission fluid.

▶ If the liquid leaking from your vehicle meets these tell-tale attributes of transmission fluid, you can safely assume it is indeed, transmission fluid.

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