How Much is a Junk Car Worth?

Do you have a junk car taking up valuable space in your garage or driveway? Perhaps you have an old, rusty tractor or combine in the backyard that has been there since your Grandfather’s prime? If so, you are likely sitting on a small fortune! That’s right; you can sell your junk car, or motorized vehicle, to a local scrapper and get paid for it. But the profit you make will depend on a list of factors you need to know before getting started.

Continue reading to learn how much a standard junk car is worth, and how to ensure you get the highest payout for yours.

Central Indiana Junk Car Buyers 317-218-7133
Central Indiana Junk Car Buyers 317-218-7133

Estimating the Value of a Junk Car

Regardless of buyer, the value of a junk car is estimated by considering and quantifying three specific factors: 1) the current market prices for metal, 2) the types of metal, and 3) the quantity of metal. These three factors will determine how much a junk car is worth according to the market, which changes depending on supply and demand. The more high-priced metals within a junk car, the more it is worth.

So, what does this mean for your junk car? It means that there is really no telling how much you will be offered for your junk car until you have it professionally assessed by a local automotive scrapper. Not only do they retain experience in the automotive scrapping industry and understand how to confirm market values for metals in a junk car, they also retain innovative technologies that allow them to accurately assess the types of metal within a junk car, and the quantities of each. As a result, sellers get a fuller and fairer offer.

But do not be fooled by a local junk car buyer! There are many unethical auto salvage yards around. In order to ensure you get the most for your junk car, you must begin by choosing a professional and reputable junk car buying company. Be sure they have advanced equipment, and can offer you free estimates and haul-away service.

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