How to Get Free Junk Car Removal in Indianapolis

Having a large piece of junk on your hands is not a convenient situation to be in. When that large piece of junk is a vehicle, then the situation is even more inconvenient. Depending on the condition and location of the vehicle, it can even cost you money, time, and heavy labor to get the job done. Wouldn’t just be easier if you could hire someone who is fully-equipped to extract, remove, and tow away your junk car? Well, guess what? There is!

Just contact Benjamin’s Junk Cars for free junk car removal service in Indianapolis, and anywhere within Central Indiana. That’s right, it’s FREE! You pay nothing to have your junk vehicle taken away, and the process is easier than ordering a pizza!

Continue below to learn how to get free junk car removal at Benjamin’s Junk Cars, and earn some cash while doing it!

We’ll Pick This Up and Haul it Away FOR FREE.

The Junk Car Removal Process is Simple….FOR YOU!

We buy all types of vehicles running or not. From used cars to wrecked or salvaged, we buy them all. To sell your car for cash, the process is very simple. Basically, just remove the license plates, front and back, and all other personal belongings. Then cancel the registration is necessary. From there, you just have to wait for us to arrive with your cash, and take that clunker away!


☑ Contact Us Via Phone or Email
☑ Receive a Competitive Offer
☑ Accept Our Offer
☑ Tell Us When to Pick it Up With Our In-House Tow Truck

We Make it Easy and Free to Get Rid of an Old Car

See? We told you that Junk car selling has never been easier in Indianapolis, Indiana! Benjamin’s Junk Cars offer the most generous proposals for all make and model junk vehicles, regardless of age or condition. Sell us a wrecked or salvage car, or a car older than you!

Are you worried because you can’t find the title? That doesn’t have to be a problem at Benjamin’s Junk Cars! We can find alternative ways to establish ownership; or you just could call your local BMV branch and file for a replacement title.

Benjamin’s Junk Cars truly does make the junk car selling process easy and convenient for our clients by providing free, over-the-phone quotes and free towing service. To get started, simply dial our number at 317-218-7133 and request your free junk car quote!

Ready to schedule your free junk car removal appointment and earn some cash too? Contact us at 317-218-7133 and get started with Indianapolis cash for cars, today! We serve all of Indianapolis and Central Indiana.

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