Here is Why Your Car Engine is Overheating

Is your car engine overheating every time you take it out on the road? Fortunately, diagnosing an overheating car engine problem can be simple so long as you know what you’re looking for. Continue reading to learn the top reasons why car engines overheat, and what you can do if your motor needs to be replaced.

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We Buy Junked Car Parts in Indianapolis! 317-218-7133

Common Automotive Engine Problems That Cause Overheating

Although there are very many reasons why a car engine can be overheating, in most cases, you can figure out what the problem is on your own. If your overheating car engine is not being caused by any of the top reasons listed below, it is important to take your car into the auto shop for professional diagnostics.

Insufficient Coolant Levels

Radiator fluid, also referred to as coolant or anti-freeze, is a vital automotive fluid that requires periodic refilling, especially during the warmer seasons of the year. If your car is low on coolant, it cannot regulate and control the temperatures that are being generated within your engine. As a result, your engine will get too hot and eventually overheat. Simply refill your coolant to solve this problem and keep an extra bottle in the trunk in case you run low while out on the road.

Coolant Leak

As you now know, coolant is a vital automotive fluid that your car must have at all times. So, if you have a coolant leak, it will cause your car to eventually overheat. Coolant leaks can because by a number of reasons, but you can tell if it’s your issue by looking underneath your car after letting it sit for a while. If you see liquid underneath your car where the radiator is located, you can assume that your vehicle is losing coolant.

Faulty or Sluggish Cooling Fan

If your cooling fan is defective or malfunctioning, either as a result of a bad radiator switch or defective electric fan, it can quickly cause a car engine two overheat. You can tell if your cooling fan is having problems by monitoring your cars temperature gauge on the dashboard. If you see the arrow slowly creeping up and getting hotter and hotter as you drive, you can assume that the cooling fan is not working properly. This is usually the step that happens before the engine overheats.

Broken Fan Belt

Another common cause for an overheating engine is a broken fan belt. Like radiator fluid and cooling fans, your vehicle’s fan belt plays an important role in regulating the temperatures generated by your car engine. If your car suddenly begins to overheat, it could be due to a broken fan belt. This is typically more common in older model vehicles, and relatively easy and cheap to fix.

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