What You Need to Tow a Toyota Prius

If you have a stalled or totaled Toyota Prius that requires a transport, you may be able to accomplish the job on your own. This can save you a lot of money by avoiding the need for professional towing service. If this sounds like an endeavor you’re up for, continue reading to learn which supplies and tools you will need to tow a Toyota Prius, plus a few tips on how to get the job done safely.

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Toyota Prius Cash for Cars Indianapolis Indiana 317-218-7133

Toyota Prius Towing Supplies

The towing supplies you need to transport your Toyota Prius will include a rag, Flathead screwdriver, wheel nut wrench, towing eyelet, and some towing cable. You can find all of these tools and supplies at your local hardware or home improvement store, or through an online retailer of your choosing.

You should be able to acquire all of these things for under $50. Your Toyota Prius may already have a wheel nut wrench and towing eyelet next to the spare tire and jack. Only use a towing eyelet that is specifically made for a Toyota Prius, preferably the one that came with your car.

In addition to your supplies and tools, you will also need a towing dolly or wheel lift. These can be a bit pricier, but many places will rent them for a lot less than wholesale price. You will also need another person to drive either the towing vehicle or the Prius.

What You Will Need:

▶ A Towing Driver
▶ Flathead Screwdriver
▶ Wheel Nut Wrench
▶ 6 Inch Towing Eyelet
▶ Towing Cable
▶ Rag

Towing Recommendations for a Toyota Prius

In all cases of towing a Toyota Prius, the manufacturer strongly discourages using a sling type tow truck. Instead, they recommend flatbed towing as the best option. If flatbed towing is not possible, the next recommended method of towing a Toyota Prius is to use a wheel lift truck, which will work like a dolly or dinghy tow depending on which end of the car is on the road.

The front wheels of your Toyota Prius should be on the wheel lift truck, and the wheels should not be able to rotate. If the rear wheels of your Toyota Prius are connected to the wheel lift, then the front wheels should be on a towing dolly.

How to Tow a Toyota Prius

Start by setting up your wheel lift and/or tow dolly. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions. You can look them up online if you do not have the original literature.

Remove the eyelet cover on the front bumper of your Toyota Prius. It looks like a square metal panel, slightly offset from the center of the bumper.

If you have trouble opening the eyelet cover, wrap your Flathead screwdriver in a rag and then wedge it in to use it for leverage. This will prevent scratching or damaging your car.

Screw your towing eyelet into the space provided beneath the eyelet cover. Begin this step manually, by hand. Next, use your wheel nut wrench to further tighten the eyelet into place.

Once the eyelet is secure, start up the engine. The car must be on so that you can shift the gear into neutral. Shift into neutral and then release the parking brake.

Remain in the Toyota Prius to help steer and use the brakes as it gets towed. This is mandatory.

Have the second driver connect the towing cable from your Toyota Prius to their towing eyelet. Be sure they remain under 18 miles per hour, which means you will need to avoid highways.

Be sure to not brake suddenly or start abruptly, as this can cause the towing eyelet to pull free.

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