What are Junk Car Buyers Looking For?

Junk car buying companies accept all motorized vehicle and equipment, regardless of age, make, model, or condition. However, there are still certain items junk car buyers really want. If you have a junk car you wish to sell, you can earn even more than you originally thought if your vehicle contains any of these trending, high-value items.

Continue below to learn what many junk car buyers are looking for from sellers like you!

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The Basics of Junk Car Value

The overall value of your junk car will vary from others. There are several factors that influence the overall appraisal of a scrap vehicle, but primarily, the top factors include the vehicle’s condition, make and model, and the current market prices for metal. With these factors in mind, the overall value of your vehicle will also depend on what it has to offer.

Right now, junk car buyers are really interested in the following vehicles and parts:

Running Cars and Trucks – A car that still runs is worth a lot more than a car that does not run. A junk car buyer is really interested in scrap vehicles that still operate.

Reusable Motors – A car engine is a valuable auto part that many junk car buyers are looking for. If your car engine is reusable, it is worth more, which means your offer increases.

Reusable Core Engine Parts – Like reusable motors, reusable core engine parts, such as re-manufactured starters, alternators, and transmissions are highly sought-after by junk car buyers.

Alloy Wheels – Alloy wheels and rims are another highly sought-after automotive part in the scrapper industry. A full set is a great scrap asset, but even one or two will earn you a profit.

Reusable Head and Taillights – Because head lights and taillight assemblies are generally higher-priced parts on the market, they are highly-valuable to junk car scrappers.

How to Sell Junk Cars and Auto Parts in Indiana

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