How to Find Out if Your Car is Still Under Warranty

Did your just car break down and now you are wondering what your options are? Well, you are not alone. Most car owners lose track of their warranty coverage over the years, especially since so many warranties vary in terms and conditions. Before you take your car in for repair or claim it as a total loss with your insurance carrier, be sure to check on the warranty status first.

Continue reading to learn how to find out of your car is still under warranty, plus what to do if your car is a total loss and not covered under automotive insurance in Indianapolis.

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Indianapolis Junk Car Business 317-218-7133

Locating Warranty Coverage for Your Car

You probably heard in almost every single car commercial ever made in recent history. At the minimum, most new cars come with a three year/36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. This means that the car is covered under a limited warranty for either three years or up to 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. Alternatively, some new vehicles come with extended warranties or specialized warranties, like rust or seat belt guarantees. It really just depends on the automotive dealership you do business with and the particular make and model vehicle you purchase. Even if you purchased a preowned car, it may still have an active warranty depending on how old it is.

To locate the warranty coverage for your particular vehicle, start with these steps:

Start With the VIN – The first step is to find your Vehicle Identification Number, or for short, VIN. Typically, this number is displayed on the driver-side door jam, but you may also find it on your insurance card or car title.

Find a Relevant Dealer – Your next step is to find a dealership that specializes in your make and model vehicle. It cannot be a dealership that sells your type of vehicle; it must be a dealership that solely deals with your make and model vehicle. So, if you drive a BMW, go to a BMW dealership, not an import car dealership.

Ask For the Service Department – Once you find a relevant dealer, contact them and ask to be transferred to the service department. Simply ask the service department representative for information about your car warranty. They should have the proper software to look up that information for you.

If the dealership for your make and model vehicle does not have the warranty information you need, you may also contact the dealership in which the car was originally purchased. If you don’t know where the car was originally purchased, you might be able to find warranty information on your insurance paperwork.

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