How to Deal With an Expensive Car Repair You Can’t Afford

We’ve all had that sinking feeling when we take our car in for a repair and the mechanic tells us it will cost more than we expected. It’s even worse if you don’t have the money to pay for the repair right away. Don’t panic! There are some ways to deal with an expensive car repair that you can’t afford upfront.

Continue below to learn a few tips on how to handle this situation without breaking the bank or having to buy another vehicle:

Call 317-218-7133 to Speak With Professional Junk Car Buyers in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Call 317-218-7133 to Speak With Professional Junk Car Buyers in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Cannot Afford Auto Repair? Try These 5 Cash-Strapped Solutions

1) Take Out a Loan – If you have good credit, taking out a loan is one way to cover your costs until you get back on your feet financially. Don’t have great credit or afraid of risks when dealing with banks or other financing options? No problem! There are many lending companies whose sole purpose is to help folks in tough situations just like yours.

2) Negotiate with Your Auto Shop – Ask them if they would be willing to lower their price or offer payment plans so that you can spread out payments over time. Ask if they would be open to a discount, or even a payment plan that will enable you to pay off the service over time. Such flexible scaling offers could result in major savings due to the cost of necessary repairs. Take the opportunity now and start making inquiries – it could make all the difference in budgeting for your vehicle needs!

3) Sell Off Parts of Your Car – If possible, consider selling off certain parts of your car, such as rims, tires, audio systems, etc., which can help offset some of the cost of repairs. Depending upon their condition and make/model, these parts may fetch a decent sum. Many people look to swap out or upgrade stock features with these used items — while at the same time picking up an awesome bargain. This could contribute towards offsetting some of the money spent during repair work.

4) Consider a Used Car – If the repair price is too much, you may want to consider looking into buying a used car instead of putting more money into repairing your current one. Take some time to research dealerships, get in touch withing trusted friends who may know of a promising good deal and take advantage any online resources that are available. Once you have established what exactly you need in the car and what will fit your budget, jump into it. A new set of keys could be much closer than you realized!

5) Look Into Junk Buyers – Junk car buyers are in the business of buying scrap vehicles, regardless of their age, make, model, or condition. Rather than evaluated for their ergonomic interior or engine capacity, each vehicle is professionally assessed for its scrap value in parts and materials. Then they are disassembled, processed, and ultimately recycled into modern materials.

Remain Behind the Wheel of Your Financial Security With These Tips

No matter what option you choose, make sure you take the time to compare prices and find the best deal so that you don’t overspend on your car repair bill. It can be stressful dealing with an expensive auto repair bill, but by following these tips and being smart about it, you should be able to get through it without too much difficulty.

Can’t afford to pay for your enormous auto repair bill? Does the cost to repair your car exceed the actual market value for resale? If so, Benjamin’s Junk Cars is here to help! We’ll buy your broken-down vehicle for cash on the spot, so you can put some more money back into your wallet! Contact us at 317-218-7133 today to learn more and to receive a free phone quote!

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