Frequently Asked Questions About Junk Cars
What Type of Vehicles Do You Buy?

Benjamin’s Junk Cars gladly accepts all motorized vehicles, regardless of age, make, model, or condition. We buy junk cars, trucks, delivery trucks, SUV’s, vans, RV’s, semi’s, scooters, personal watercrafts, forklifts, construction equipment, golf carts, and anything else that runs on fuel. Whether old, totaled, rusted, or barely there, we will pay you cash on the spot for your junk vehicle!

Do I Need a Title to Sell a Junk Car?

Although it is not necessary to have a car title when selling a junk car, it is helpful since a vehicle with a title is worth more because of the potential to resell. If you have questions about your title, please reference the Bureau of Motor Vehicles Titles webpage.

How Can I Get a New Car Title?

If your car title is lost, stolen, destroyed, or faulty, you can apply for a duplicate at your local BMV branch. Here is what the Indiana DMV says about it:

“A person who owns a vehicle that has a certificate of title that is faulty, lost, or destroyed, or who is the possessor of an abandoned vehicle may apply to the BMV for authority to sell, give away, or dispose of the vehicle for scrap metal without applying for a certificate of title. An approved Certificate of Authority – Disposal of a Motor Vehicle – State Form 55018 must be provided to the automotive salvage recycler, or other appropriate facility when disposing of the vehicle.”

Certificate of Authority Application Packet – Free Download

How Do I Sell My Junk Car to Benjamin’s Junk Cars?

Benjamin’s Junk Cars makes it very easy to sell a junk car:
1. Contact our office (or submit an email to the right) and tell us about your motorized vehicle.
2. Accept our offer and schedule a time for your vehicle to be picked up by our in-house tow truck.
3. If you have the title for your motorized vehicle, have it ready for transfer.
4. Gather your personal items, remove the license plate, and cancel your registration with the State.
5. When we arrive, sign the agreement and hand over the car documents.
6. Take your CASH and wave your junk car farewell!

How Long Will it Take Once I Accept an Offer?

Benjamin’s Junk Cars can usually provide same-day business! If we cannot do business the same day, we provide next-day service, which means you will never have to wait longer than 48 hours for your transaction to take place!

How Much Will You Pay Me For My Junk Car?

The value of your junk car depends on various factors, mostly the quantity of scrapable metal within the vehicle. Additional factors that greatly how much cash you will walk away with include the current market value for steel and other metals, the quality and condition of metal in your vehicle, and more. Here at Benjamin’s Junk Cars, we use a combination of techniques to ensure a more precise evaluation. We combine our innovative technologies, like XRF analyzers and electronic platform weight scales, and a mathematic formula that calculates current metal values with the contents of a junk car, to develop a full and fair offer.

Do I Need to Be There When You Pick Up My Car?

Whether or not you need to be present when our tow truck arrives to collect your junk car depends on your payment arrangement preference. Our general business practice is to pay cash in hand, which of course, would require you to be present. However, if you cannot be present at the time of pickup, we can easily make an alternative payment arrangement, such as online transfers or mailed checks. Just be sure to leave all necessary documents inside the car before we come.

Do You Pick Up Abandoned Vehicles?

Benjamin’s Junk Cars cannot collect an abandoned vehicle unless you have an approved Certificate of Authority – Disposal of a Motor Vehicle form. However, if you need more information on abandoned vehicles, you may get in touch with the local BMV customer contact center at 888-692-6841, anytime.

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