7 Tips for Finding the Best Buyer for Your Automotive Scrap

Are you looking to get rid of your old junk car or auto parts but don’t know where to start? Selling automotive scrap can be a great way to make some extra cash, but it can also be difficult to find the right buyer. Whether you are selling an entire vehicle or just individual components, here are seven tips for finding the best buyer for your automotive scrap. With these tips in hand, you will have no problem getting top dollar for your unwanted vehicles and parts!

Call 317-218-7133 For Automotive Scrap Recycling in Indianapolis
Call 317-218-7133 For Automotive Scrap Recycling in Indianapolis

The Value of Automotive Scrap

Automotive scrap is a valuable resource that often goes overlooked. Junk cars and old auto parts that might otherwise end up in a landfill can actually be repurposed for a range of uses. In fact, automotive scrap is a significant source of raw materials for various industries, including steel production and manufacturing. Recycling old auto parts not only conserves resources but also reduces the environmental impact of waste. Moreover, automotive scrap can even be sold for a profit. Overall, the value of automotive scrap cannot be understated, particularly in a world where resources are becoming increasingly scarce.

How to Get the Highest Payout for Automotive Scrap

1. Do your research: Before you start searching for a scrap metal buyer in Indianapolis, take some time to do your research. Look at online reviews and talk to other auto owners who have had experience selling scrap in the past. This will help you get an idea of what buyers offer fair prices and which ones might be trying to low ball you.

2. Look for local buyers: For convenience’s sake, it is best to find a scrapyard that operates locally or within driving distance from your location. This way, you can easily deliver the vehicle or parts yourself instead of paying to ship them out.

3. Get multiple quotes: Once you have narrowed down your list of potential buyers, contact each one and request a quote for your automotive scrap. This will allow you to compare offers and select the one that is offering the best deal.

4. Consider potential expenses: When getting quotes, make sure to factor in any potential expenses such as shipping costs or taxes. The last thing you want is for a great deal to suddenly become more expensive than was originally advertised.

5. Ask about payment methods: Different buyers may offer different payment methods so be sure to ask what options are available before making a sale. You don’t want to have to wait weeks or even months before receiving your money!

6. Check for licenses and certifications: Before you finalize any business with a scrapyard, make sure they have all of the necessary licenses and certifications. This will ensure that you are not dealing with a shady buyer who is going to take advantage of you.

7. Read the fine print: When it comes to selling automotive scrap, make sure to read all of the paperwork before signing anything. This will help protect you from any unexpected surprises down the road.

In Summary

Selling your automotive scrap can be a great way to make some extra money, but it is important to do your research and find the right auto salvage scrapyard. By following these seven tips for finding the best buyer for your automotive scrap, you will have no problem getting top dollar for your unwanted vehicles and parts! Make sure to read all of the paperwork before signing anything so that you are fully informed about what you agree to. With these tips in mind, selling auto scrap should now be an easy task!

Want to skip the hassle of looking all around town for the best auto salvage yard? Contact Benjamin’s Junk Cars at 317-218-7133 to sell your automotive scrap in Indianapolis for cash on the spot! We serve all of Central Indiana and offer free junk car removal. Best of all, we pay more than the other guys!

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Are You Looking for Auto Salvage Yards in Indianapolis?

When it comes to searching for auto salvage yards in Indianapolis, you don’t have to look very far. Here at Benjamin’s Junk Cars, we offer the highest payouts for all junked or totaled motorized commodities, including cars, trucks, SUVs, construction equipment, campers, watercrafts, and more.

Continue below to learn why we are Indy’s leading auto salvage yard, and how to get started with a free quote for your junk car today!

Auto Salvage Yards Indianapolis Indiana 317-218-7133
Auto Salvage Yards Indianapolis Indiana 317-218-7133

Why Choose Benjamin’s Junk Cars in Indianapolis?

Cash on the Spot!
Free Junk Car Removal!
Friendly and Responsible Service!
No Surprise Fees or Hidden Deductions!
Accepts All Junk Cars and Motorized Vehicles!

Not only does Benjamin’s Junk Cars accept all totaled and junked vehicles regardless of age, make, model, or condition, but we also pay the most money out of all of our local and statewide auto scrapper competitors! Even better, we pay cash on the spot, while many of our competitors will promise to send a check in the mail.

The problem with this promise is, once your check arrives, there are hidden fees deducted from the offer you were originally given. In worse scenarios, the check never arrives at all. This happens all too frequently among auto salvage yards in Indiana. For this reason, it is critical to choose the right Indianapolis Indiana junk car buyers who keeps their promises and delivers superior customer service.

Indiana Junk Car Buyers You Can Trust

Our Indianapolis cash for cars professionals never tack on hidden fees or surprise deductions. We pay cash on the spot as soon as we arrived to collect your junk car or junked commodity. Furthermore, junk removal service is free, so you don’t have to pay an additional towing fee to sell a junk car in Indianapolis to Benjamin’s Junk Cars! As you might’ve guessed, our local and statewide cash for cars competitors do charge for junk removal because they do not have their own in-house tow truck like we do.

We Service All of Central Indiana With Junk Car Removal

Although based out of Indianapolis, Benjamin’s Junk Cars maintains a broad service area throughout Central Indiana. We operate well beyond the Indianapolis city limits, but for the areas we don’t normally service, we are always happy to make special arrangements for customers slightly outside of our service area!

Are you ready to get a free quote for your junk car? Contact Benjamin’s Junk Cars at 317-218-7133 to get started with the junk car selling process in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer free junk car removal throughout all central parts of the state.

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Central Indiana Junk Car Buyers
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Step By Step Guide for an Overheating Car Engine

Motors produce powerful amounts of heat. Every time you drive your car, the radiator transfers heat from the engine using thermal heat exchange, which prevents the vehicle from overheating. But in order for a car radiator to function properly, it must have sufficient amounts of liquid coolant running through its core. When it doesn’t have sufficient levels of radiator fluid (also called coolant or anti-freeze), or it is defective in some way, your car engine will overheat. In the case that your car radiator ever fails you, be sure you know exactly what to do.

Continue below for a simple, step-by-step guide on how to handle your overheating engine on the road.

Indianapolis Indiana Junk Car Buyers 317-218-7133
Indianapolis Indiana Junk Car Buyers 317-218-7133

What to Do When Your Car Starts to Overheat


When a car has just overheated, attempting to drive it further can risk harming the engine. You should never drive an overheating car because the engine and other important inner components can sustain irreversible damage.  It can also be dangerous to you and anyone in or around the vehicle. For instance, head gaskets can blow, engine parts can melt, and smoke can accumulate in large masses. So, the first thing to do when you notice that your car is over-heating, is pull over to a safe part of the road. It is recommended to try and pull into a neighborhood or parking lot if there is one there at the moment; otherwise, simply find a flat surface on the side of the road.


Once you have pulled over and turned the engine off, be sure to turn on your hazards to alert people of your position.  This is especially important at night.  Keep all car lights on in the evening if you are ever pulled over on the edge of a street.  Many people make the mistake of opening their hoods right away and touching the radiator cap; this is a huge mistake!  The car engine and radiator will be very hot and can cause second and third degree burns.  Always allow your vehicle to cool off for at least fifteen minutes, depending on the amount of time spent driven prior to the break down.  This way you can protect yourself from accidents and injury.


When the vehicle has completely cooled, check around and underneath it for any signs of leaking.  This could indicate a wide variety of issues, from a cracked radiator to a faulty radiator hose.  If there is no sign of leakage, take a look at the oil.  Remove the dipstick and concentrate on the color.  If it is dark brown and sludgy-looking, this means the liquid coolant might be seeping into the engine.  This can result from a blown head gasket or cracked engine block.  Even if the oil looks normal, these damages may still be the underlying problem.


The best thing to do in a situation like this is call a mechanic shop once you have the car pulled over.  They are the professionals that can accurately diagnose the issue behind your overheating vehicle.  When antifreeze and coolant aren’t the answer, trust a licensed auto repair technician to figure it out for you.  Use a directory to contact a towing service that can transport your vehicle directly to the auto repair shop, and give you a ride there too, all in the same trip.

Did your car engine overheat and breakdown for good? Contact Benjamin’s Junk Cars at 317-218-7133 to get a quote and earn fast cash for your now junk car in Indianapolis, Indiana!

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Central Indiana Junk Car Buyers
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